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Moffitt’s Top Donors: Ew! Bad for Buncombe.

October 28, 2012

Early voting continues through Nov. 3. If you want to know who to vote for in Buncombe County, CLICK ICON FOR ONE-PAGE 2012 BUNCOMBE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC VOTING ROSTER:

Where’s Timmy?

After completely floundering at the Chamber of Commerce forum last month, Tim Moffitt has largely gone missing in action. Rather than face the hard questions, Mr. Moffitt has skipped public forums of the Asheville Civitan, the League of Women Voters, the Deerfield Candidate Reception and the Delta Sigma Theta sorority and instead chosen to hide behind the hateful mailings and ads of multimillionaire Art Pope’s PACs and the Republicans. Mr. Moffitt does not want to answer the public and media’s questions on his record of:

Perhaps he’s avoiding this discussion …

The Mountain Xpress recently posted their candidate questionnaire, revealing Moffitt’s top three donors:  Harold Brubaker, Mitchell Setzer, Bill Brawley.

Bill Brawley, is a N.C. representative from Mecklenburg County, who Moffitt appointed to the “study” committee recommending the involuntary seizure of Buncombe’s water system — which, if passed, will result in our county subsidizing Henderson’s sewage, water, and sprawl. You may recall that Brawley earned the Double Dunce-cap award from my blog after insulting the Buncombe residents and leaders who came out to Moffitt’s fake public hearing last April.

Harold Brubaker is currently on the board of ALEC, the pro-privatization, pro-corporate lobby group most recently in the news for funneling more than an estimated $4 million in gifts to state legislators for travel, hotel rooms, and meals at posh resorts since 2006. LOCAL MEDIA: PLEASE FOLLOW-UP ON THIS! I would like to know if Moffitt has traveled on ALEC’s dime.

In 1989, the New York Times reported that Mr. Brubaker was paid $10,000 to assist developers in Durham, North Carolina, regarding a real estate project that drew scrutiny from authorities.[6] The project involved converting a hosiery mill into homes for the elderly, and caused concern when subordinates had reportedly been against the project, but funds were appropriated nevertheless.[6]

Michell Setzer is an N.C.  representative from Catawba County.

The Xpress also lists Moffitt’s endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).  I’d like to remind you that the NFIB is a group has been shown to lobby on issues that favor large corporate interests and run counter to the interests of small businesses.  “NFIB, which claims to be non-partisan, engages in partisan politics, and receives millions in hidden contributions.

All this brings me to the ad in today’s paper bought and paid for by LOCAL, BUNCOMBE COUNTY RESIDENTS. Please support Jane Whilden and get your friends in District 116 to vote for her:


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