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Early Voting Starts Thursday: Moffitt Recap (Send him packing!)

October 18, 2012

Early voting starts tomorrow, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a stark contrast in candidates’ worldviews since I cast my first vote 26 years ago.  Tim Moffitt, who is running against Jane Whilden in District 116 in Buncombe County represents the very worst that extremist right-wing politics has to offer. Click the blue link below to read his answers to a recent candidate questionnaire and you will see the bleak future he has in mind for our state. Devoid of compassion, cynical … paving the way to corporate fascism:

“Rep” Tim Moffitt’s Civitas candidate survey provides deep insights into the agenda and ideology of his radical right intentions. Western North Carolina does NOT want, need, or deserve this type of representation. No thank you Art Pope.

Next up … a very good retrospective from Scrutiny Hooligans blog (This is Part 1) documenting Tim Moffitt’s shenanigans as a state legislator:

Early voting starts today: Thursday.

It is a very tight race between Jane Whilden and Timmy Moffitt.  It will be a tight race between Susan Wilson and her opponent, a man who shares similar Tea Bag views as Moffitt, in Buncombe’s District 115.  Please get all your friends to vote.  Vote early. We can win if we turn out the vote. Click on the link below to download a PDF of the Buncombe County 2012 Democratic Voting Roster (this includes non-partisan races). Share will all your friends!!!!


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