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“Defend Our Water” Signs Now Available

October 4, 2012

Our city and county depend upon each other for our prosperity. We’re friends and neighbors. How do you treat a neighbor? With respect, appreciation, kindness, and care.

A good example of someone who puts this philosophy into action is David Gantt. He’s running for Chair of County Commission. He has a big heart and uses the Golden Rule as a guide.  By contrast, David’s opponent, a windbag named J.B. Howard took a recent opportunity to insult the entire population of Asheville with this nugget (reported in this week’s Mountain Xpress):   “The culture in Asheville loves the idea of that greenway. Now, the hard-working people out here don’t do the things they do down on Lexington Avenue at 11 o’clock on Friday and Saturday nights; they work.”

Newsflash to Mr. Howard: The people of the city work every bit as hard as our neighbors in the county. Lexington Avenue is a thriving, lovely part of Asheville — with incredible shops and restaurants that draw people from all over the country.

I read Howard’s quote and couldn’t help but think of Tim Moffitt and the hostility he has shown toward his neighbors in the city. His pettiness goes far beyond verbal insults. The man who claims to oppose involuntary annexation has launched a state takeover of our water system and, despite his claims, has put it at risk for privatization and increased rates. He’s wasted untold taxpayer money for no good reason creating this “solution in search of a problem.” Then, after our City Council decided to put this issue to a voter referendum on the November ballot, Moffitt posted legalese on his blog that any reasonable person would read as a threat to dissolve the city.

What kind of public official does something like that to his neighbors? The answer: One unqualified for public office.

The ratepayers of Asheville will vote in November on Moffitt’s hostile water annexation. Despite the fact that the referendum is non-binding, it is still extremely important to let Moffitt and his Raleigh goon squad know that the people of Asheville — his neighbors — value democracy and do not stand for a state takeover of our water system. I am optimistic that District 116 will send Moffitt packing in November. The word is getting out about the money behind him and the damage he’s done to education, women’s rights, and the environment. People do not like his shenanigans one bit.

In the meantime, I invite you to pick up one of the “Defend Our Water” signs and get them in your yard immediately. They are available at one of the following locations (calling in advance is a good idea). Small donations are welcome:

Downtown:  Clean Water of North Carolina, 29 1/2 Page Ave — (828) 251-1291

North Asheville:  Asheville Brewers Supply, 712 Merrimon Ave(828) 285-0515

East Asheville:  Democratic Hdq, 951 Old Fairview Rd

West Asheville:  West Village Market, 771 Haywood Rd., (828) 225-4949

South Asheville:  Sam Speciale, 14 Trevors Trail (near Brevard Rd) 242-1794

Talk to everyone you know in Buncombe: Vote Jane Whilden, Susan Fisher, and Susan Wilson

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