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Tim Moffitt and

September 27, 2012

“A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members
believe laws are being bought and sold.”
— Justice John Paul Stevens,
in the dissenting opinion to the United States Supreme Court’s Citizens United

I’ve posted a lot of information already about the outsider tycoon class supporting Tim Moffitt’s reelection for Buncombe County N.C. Representative (click here for review). Whether it’s coming from the left or the right, it is wrong for large corporations and the ultra-wealthy to have such an huge influence on our elections. I value freedom, democracy, and fairness. When corporations and the 1% are able to funnel vast amounts of money into campaigns, we all suffer and we all lose our voice.  Moffitt has shown again and again that he is not working for the citizens of Buncombe — and that our voices don’t matter.

In Buncombe County, thanks to Moffitt and the radical right-wing that took over Raleigh in 2010, kids are having to share textbooks in classes for pete’s sake (See “Crowded Classes, fewer courses,” Asheville Citizen-Times, Aug. 12, 2012). In the meantime, Moffitt and his gang, gave millionaires a tax break that will cost the state $336 million in a tax loophole meant to help small businesses. Click the link — I’m not making this stuff up.

So, all this brings me to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), a group that recently endorsed Moffitt and said, “Rep. Moffitt understands the challenges facing the state’s small, family businesses” and is going “to help small businesses grow and create jobs,” etc.

Well, turns out that this group “lobbies on issues that favor large corporate interests rather than small-business interests; its thoroughly partisan agenda; and the millions it receives in secret contributions from groups associated with Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers.” (NFIB Exposed: ‘Voice of Small Business is a Front’ Group Charges, Huffington Post, Sept. 26, 2012) It may interest you to know that the NFIB was the lead plaintiff in the unsuccessful lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act that went to the Supreme Court. From Huffington Post:

Looking at all donations since 1989, the NFIB is ranked third highest on’s list of political “heavy hitters,” based on the percentage of its contributions going to Republican candidates. NFIB’s 93 percent is higher than Koch Industries with 90 percent; Exxon Mobil with 86 percent; and the National Rifle Association with 82 percent …

Mother Jones recently noted that the NFIB lobbied heavily against Obama’s plan to increase taxes on the wealthy, even though “[o]nly 3 percent of small businesses net more than $250,000 a year, the lowest income that would be affected by Obama’s tax plan.”

“They’re actually throwing the voice of big businesses,” said Graves. “That has an impact on media coverage. The media will highlight the perspective of the NFIB as if it were representative of small business.”

For more information on this group, go to:

Talk to your friends in Buncombe! Tell them what’s going on!



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