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Moffitt to N.C.’s Environment: “Frack You”

September 25, 2012

In 2010, Tim Moffitt and his radical right-wing pro-privatization, pro-business-at-any-cost friends took over the state legislature went straight to work rolling back DECADES of environmental policy. The N.C. League of Conservation Voters, (NCLCV) a non-partisan group that keeps track of state legislators’ voting records on environmental issues, called 2011-2012 ” the most shameful environmental legislative session ever.”  The average score in the N.C. House for the 2011 session was 43%, down from 67%  for the 2009-2010 average; the Senate average was a mere 27%, compared to 69% in 2009-2010.

Randy Molton cartoon used with permission.

  • Tim Moffitt’s NCLCV environmental voting scorecard dropped from an already abysmal 17% in 2011 to an even worse 9% in 2012. (I have a hard-copy of the 2012 scorecard; the online version isn’t on the NCLCV website yet.)  FYI,  Jane Whilden’s average environmental voting score while in office was 86%.
  • Moffitt voted in favor of a controversial bill that could clear the way for fracking in North Carolina as soon as 2014Fracking had previously been banned in N.C. It’s a means of natural gas extraction, but it entails many frightening potential problems — from contaminated ground water to toxic air pollution. And then, of course, these guys appoint this fox to guard the henhouse.
  • Moffitt voted to ROLL BACK existing state policy on billboards and allow excessive clear-cutting of trees along our highways because we all know that tourists come to WNC to look at billboards.

I’m just getting started on Moffitt and the environment, but it’s late so I’m going to wrap up for now. Before I do, I would like to direct you to a really good summary of more things that Moffitt and Company did to N.C.’s environment.



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