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Moffitt Snake Oil For Sale: Education

September 18, 2012

Tim Moffitt has some snake oil for sale. He’s peddling it through mailers and TV ads hoping the voters in District 116 will stay in the dark about the truth behind his nonsense. Last week, he sent out a mailer touting his record on education, so I’ll start there.  PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY — especially with anyone you know in District 116.  Then, contact Jane Whilden‘s campaign and make a contribution and sign up to volunteer this week.

Randy Molton cartoon used with permission.

Moffitt and friends did a number on education after taking over Raleigh in 2010. On August 12, the Asheville-Citizen Times published a great in-depth report on what Moffitt’s cuts have done to Buncombe’s schools (our county lost $6.2 million & 139 positions this year due to the cuts).  That hasn’t stopped Moffitt from sending out a mailer claiming that teachers, parents, and students from all across WNC are working to keep him as “our educational advocate in Raleigh.” In the Biltmore Beacon, he said his budget “was widely praised by educators.”

Say, what?!

If you have children, you should be very worried if Moffitt is reelected to office. If you don’t have children, you should still be worried, because we need educated people in order to thrive and prosper — from doctors to computer experts to engineers. Education is also the best way for people born into poverty to raise themselves into the middle class. The ACT reported that kids are having to share textbooks in some classes; class sizes are expanding; and staff morale is low.  Moffitt has done a huge disservice to schools over the past two years, and I hope the teachers, parents and students of his district hold him accountable in November.

I’ll leave you with this fact: Moffitt and friends cut early pre-K education by 20%.  That’s really cold, but empathy isn’t his strong suit. Moffitt’s a member of the House Select Committee on Early Childhood Education Improvement, and here’s what he had to say about education (as reported by the Charlotte Observer):

I am very suspect of early childhood education. I am very suspect of education in general.” — Tim Moffitt

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