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Moffitt: Siphoning Off Valuable Community Assets

September 11, 2012

Tonight we turn our attention to Tim Moffitt’s attempts at siphoning off valuable community assets for his own personal political gain:

Exhibit #1:
Working with powerful Henderson County politicos, Moffitt sponsored legislation that will have the State seize the local water system from Asheville and place it in a “regional” authority, forcing ratepayers in Buncombe to subsidize Henderson County’s water and sewage costs.  (Click here as well as SaveAsheville’sWater for details.) Moffitt lived in Henderson County from middle school through high school. While in office, he has served Henderson’s interests more than the people of Buncombe. Jane Whilden, Susan Fisher, and Susan Wilson must be elected in November in order for us to save our water from potential privatization.

Exhibit #2:
Moffitt sponsored a bill with Henderson Rep. Chuck McGrady that stole ownership of the airport from Asheville and handed it to an independent authority. Another boon for Henderson County – a kick in the teeth to Asheville taxpayers who paid $1.2 million in bonds to start the airport.

Exhibit #3:
Moffitt sits on a Private-Public Partnership Committee in Raleigh where his committee has discussed methods and modes of privatizing N.C. public infrastructure, including water utilities. Moffitt claims that he is not working to steal the water from local control to privatize it. Yet he offers no other valid reason for his hostile takeover. Corporations are taking control of water systems all over the county to profit their stockholders at the expense of the communities these water systems serve.

Exhibit #4:
Moffitt is supported by ALEC and other pro-corporate PACs as well as the Tea Bag tycoon Art Pope. These extremists believe that that public property and public institutions should be privatized to create “smaller government” and save money. They want to transfer public property and functions into private hands, and they want to do it to everything — education, prisons, the military, water, sewage, zoos, parks — you name it. Yet for all our government’s faults, it exists to protect and empower citizens, to make officials accountable to the public good, and to protect human rights. Corporations and their lobbyists have no such moral duties. In the case of water, public control is critical to ensure that we have safe, affordable, plentiful and accessible drinking water and that we conserve and protect our water and watersheds from pollution.

With a resource as basic and important as water, we can’t let an ideologue like Moffitt take Buncombe County’s water out of public hands.

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