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New series starts tomorrow: Moffitt’s Record — Bad for Buncombe

September 10, 2012

Cartoon by David Cohen (used with permission)

The election is just 56 days away. Despite the massive amount of outsider money flooding into Tim Moffitt’s campaign coffers, Jane Whilden has a great chance of beating him for N.C. state representative for District 116 – as long as we get the word out on the extent of the damage Moffitt has done to our county and state over the past two years.

Beginning tomorrow, I am going to start posting blog entries that chronicle Moffitt’s extreme and damaging voting record with links for further reading. Please feel free to use any of this information to write your own letter to the editor. (Everything I post on this blog is backed up with facts that are part of the public record.) Besides sending a letter to the editor, you can also help get Jane Whilden elected in the following ways:

  • Volunteer: Every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. the campaign calls to voters in Jane’s district from Democratic Headquarters, 951 Old Fairview Rd.
  • Volunteer: Every Saturday, Jane’s campaign canvasses the district in person to get out the word. Contact the campaign here to help.
  • Let everyone you know in District 116 know about Moffitt’s record (this district includes parts of South Asheville, parts of Leicester, and parts of West Buncombe).
  • Post this information on your Facebook and email it to friends.
  • Make a donation to Jane’s campaign.

Ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in and then read over the things that Moffitt has done in his two years in office. Tomorrow, my first topic in this series will look at Tim Moffitt’s attempts at:



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