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Don’t You Know Who I Am? I want speed bumps!

August 9, 2012

State Representative Tim Moffitt has barreled out of control since the day he took office. He brags about how many bills he’s pushed through the state house, but those numbers only serve to highlight the extensive damage he’s done because so many of them have been reckless and bad for the community. A recent profile in the Asheville Citizen-Times, painted a portrait of a man out for revenge over a perceived wrong by the city. That is not leadership. Moffitt’s a divider — always trying to pit the city vs. the county when, in fact, we are all one county and depend on each other to prosper. He rejects citizen input and consensus-building* — a very dangerous thing in a democracy.

Just when I thought this petulant bully couldn’t get worse, another profile of Moffitt came out in the Biltmore Beacon on July 26, 2012.  In the article, he described a run-in he had with the N.C. Department of Transportation (DOT).  Moffitt said he disagreed with DOT over traffic-calming measures in his neighborhood. Despite the fact that the DOT has all kinds of engineers and other professionals scientifically trained in their field, Moffitt (who consistently votes against policies backed by hard science) decided that he was more qualified to dictate specific traffic-calming. “I met with the DOT for months to discuss speed bumps versus rumble sticks. The problem on that road is speeding and I wanted speed bumps. The DOT insisted on rumble sticks. I said, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I want speed bumps.‘” That really does not need any editorial comment. If you don’t like bullies either, then join me in volunteering for Jane Whilden. She’s got class.

*Here’s a taste of how Moffitt has treated our county leaders (Asheville Citizen-Times, July 22, 2012):

“County Commission Chairman David Gantt also said Moffitt doesn’t consult with local leaders. The only warning he got from Moffitt about the new commission districts came the night before the story made the news. He got no warning when [Raleigh] lawmakers later prevented any public referendum on the matter for 10 years.”

*Here’s a taste of how Moffitt has treated city leaders (from MtnXpress via Scrutiny Hooligans):

Republican state Rep. Tim Moffitt has filed legislation that would seize Asheville’s water system, turning control over to the Metropolitan Sewerage District. Asheville City Council member Bill Russell, who also sits on the MSD board, said Moffitt didn’t inform either body before proposing the legislation.

With a May 11, 2011 bonus quote:

Vice Mayor Brownie Newman says he, Council member Esther Manheimer and City Manager Gary Jackson met with Moffitt for 30 minutes during a trip to Raleigh on May 2, and the legislator did not mention the water-system bill.

“It’s baffling,” Newman tells Xpress. “It’s one thing not to be proactive, but when people have traveled four hours to see you, to talk about the issues we need to work on, it’s strange to not even mention that there’s going to be a bill to seize a water system that the city has operated for the last 100 years.”

“This was out of the blue; there was no discussion about it,” Newman says. “I’m opposed to it, I think Council will be opposed to it. It’s frankly pretty outrageous that a legislator would propose such a far-reaching piece of legislation without consulting us.”


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