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(Double) Dunce Cap Award: Brawley of Mecklenburg County

April 21, 2012

State water committee to Asheville: Find a local solution or we’ll act
April 20, 2012, Carolina Public Press Report

Today’s Dunce Cap award goes to Rep. William Brawley of Mecklenburg County, who told the Carolina Public Press, “I was disappointed with the number of people–particularly in elected office–that seemed to view this whole thing as something they owned and that gave them power to control the lives of others,” he said. “There would have been unfair access. Basically, ‘do what we tell you, or you get nothing to drink… You have to do what we say or you won’t have water.’ That’s the wrong premise for a water system.”

1) “Do what we tell you or you’ll get nothing to drink”?

Seriously? This is the stupidest comment I’ve heard during this whole thing. No one in Buncombe County has ever said this. This quote is even dumber than what Moffitt said about early childhood education as reported by the Charlotte Observer – and that was mind-numbingly dumb.

2) Why would Brawley be surprised that the people of Buncombe want local control over our water?

3) Rep. Brawley has an awful lot of people to be disappointed with when it comes to the majority in Buncombe who don’t want Raleigh to take Buncombe’s water …

… our County Commission, our City Council, our entire legislative delegation (excluding Sly King Moffitt, of course), and the overwhelming majority of citizens who spoke out at the public hearing in Fletcher (where it must be noted that Brawley and Moffitt’s crony, Rep. Tom Murry of Wake County, couldn’t even be bothered to attend.)

Brawley might deserve a double Dunce Cap Award actually …

The people of Buncombe will not forget this.


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