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Moffitt: “All water issues are State issues, not local.”

March 28, 2012

We’ve had people in the county ask us why they should care if Asheville’s water system is snatched from the City and forced into a regional body. For instance, to someone on well water, why worry? However, consider the opening lines of a response from Rep. Tim Moffitt sent to a concerned citizen this week. He writes that “All water issues are State issues, not local.”  Really? That doesn’t sound very democratic:

Thank you for your email.  It appears that you are clearly being misinformed.  All water issues are State issues, not local.  Ours in particular are even more so given its contentious history…Sincerely, Representative Tim Moffitt

I want to parse through the entire email line-by-line, when I get time, to give you the opposing view of what he’s written. But for now, let me just repeat the most important point: “All water issues are State issues, not local.”   The bottom-line here is that if you live in the county and you think you should have a local say in your well water or any other water  — creeks, rivers, lakes, water from a forced “regional” authority — Moffitt has news for you.


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